Stakeholder voices

Jermyn Brooks
Transparency International

ABB’s business is innovation, which can help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. However, these technical improvements gain real power when aligned with sustainable thinking to ensure maximum value to all sections of society and it is this thinking, which informs ABB’s sustainability targets.

Dr. Ajay Mathur
The Energy and Resources Institute

I’d like to understand more about what the transformation to digitalization means and what the impacts of digitalization in ABB’s business are. The impacts of digitalization are non-trivial and should be assessed and addressed.

Prof. Volker Hoffmann
ETH Zurich

Further integrating sustainability into decision making and incentivizing sustainability performance will help to embed ABB’s sustainability ambitions in the organization.

Shirley Mills
The Boston Company Asset Management

A test for an organization is how it addresses difficult issues. In this report, ABB shows its process for tackling a range of challenging sustainability topics and the progress it is making.

Anna Nilsson
Swedbank Robur

A challenge for ABB is to choose the right projects and clients and to avoid controversies related to them. On the opportunity side, clean tech enhances eco-efficiency.

Sheri Straw
Duke Energy

A key element of sustainability is engaging stakeholders with meaningful and transparent dialogue. ABB is willing to do this, and the different panel members not only bring a variety of perspectives to ABB, but gain useful insights for their own organizations.

Gianluigi Ravenna

ABB’s goals on safety and environmental standards are high, and clearly extend to their supply chain. However, ABB’s supply chain is complex, which makes day to day implementation of their sustainability ambitions challenging. Partnering along the supply chain would help to address the challenges and create efficient processes to manage them in the future.

Shankar Venkateswaran
Tata Group

The work done by ABB on Responsible Sourcing is praiseworthy. This is a difficult and complex matter, and one that is easy to ignore, but the way ABB has gone about is exemplary. ABB’s greatest contribution to a sustainable world, however, lies in its products and technology innovations and I look forward to the company developing a robust methodology to measure the impact of the use of its products by its customers on climate change and energy efficiency.