Planning for the future

ABB employee working with wood milling robot (photo)

ABB’s new sustainability objectives, designed to guide our improvement efforts through to 2020, are the result of a thorough review of existing programs and challenges, and extensive stakeholder consultation both inside the company and externally.

We analyzed our stakeholders’ input regarding issues material to ABB and their expectations of how we could improve performance. As a next step, we worked with external sustainability experts to develop a framework for the content of the objectives and reviewed the challenges we had received from stakeholders on our levels of ambition.

We concluded that the five sustainability focus areas we had selected for 2013 had evolved, and our new objectives should cover a broader range of material issues. These conclusions were then discussed and refined with senior business, region, country and function heads within ABB.

The outcome is a series of nine focused objectives which apply to the whole ABB Group and impact all areas of our value chain.

As part of ongoing work, individual targets and key performance indicators are being developed and rolled out in the company. Progress will be reported in the annual Group Sustainability Performance Report in coming years.

Products & services

Products and services for a better world: ABB is a world leading supplier of innovative, safe and resource efficient products, systems and services that help customers increase productivity while lowering environmental impact

Responsible relationships

  • Integrity
  • People and society
  • Human rights

Integrity: ABB has a strong and consistent reputation as a world leader in integrity and ethical business practices

People and society: ABB attracts, retains and develops dedicated and skilled people from diverse backgrounds, and engages with a wide range of stakeholders, including communities, to maximize benefits for our business and society

Human rights: Human rights issues are well understood and managed in all ABB operations along the value chain

Responsible operations

  • Energy efficiency and climate change
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Safe and secure operations

Energy efficiency and climate change: ABB is an industry leader in energy efficiency, use of low-carbon fuels and renewable energy. We cut greenhouse gas emissions. ABB to reduce its energy use by 20% by 2020

Responsible sourcing: Social and environmental risks and impacts of sourcing practices are well understood and managed

Safe and secure operations: Safety is a core value. All ABB operations have an excellent health, safety and security culture embedded in day-to-day business, targeting zero incidents

Right resources

  • Resource efficiency
  • Right materials

Resource efficiency: Materials and water use is optimized. Facilities in water stressed regions to reduce water use by 25% by 2020. We target zero waste

Right materials: We aim for materials that are sustainable. Hazardous substances are used in closed loops or not at all