Transport and infrastructure

Interior of Shenzhen's impressive rail terminus (photo)
ABB’s building automation systems allow full control of electrical systems, from blinds and lighting to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. When combined with ABB’s efficient motors and drives, energy savings can be dramatic.

Alongside its offerings for utilities and industry, ABB plays an important role in providing technology for sustainable marine, rail and vehicle transport, and in powering the world’s cities and improving the urban environment.

Our expertise in power and automation has given us the edge when it comes to providing clean and reliable power solutions for transport networks and infrastructure.

Emission-free transport

ABB’s electric traction systems for trains and high-speed locomotives support the construction of clean, safe railway networks, linking urban centers and districts. Our wayside energy management systems can reduce overall power consumption by 10–30 percent through recuperating energy normally lost when a train brakes.

As the market and technology leader in electric-vehicle charging, we provide fast-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and battery-powered buses, cutting carbon emissions and providing real alternatives to gasoline-powered cars.

Power and propulsion systems for ships

ABB technologies extend to electrical power and propulsion systems for ships, dramatically reducing marine emissions, while our turbochargers improve gas and diesel engine performance while lowering fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. We also supply fast, cost-effective crane systems for loading and unloading vessels in port.

Intelligent building systems

In buildings, which account for about 40 percent of total energy consumption, ABB’s intelligent automation systems enable control of all electrical systems, including blinds, lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, helping cut power consumption and reduce energy bills. Installing systems powered by ABB’s energy efficient motors and drives (see Industry) can further cut power consumption by half, and in extreme cases by up to 90 percent.

Power supply

Our compact substations are designed to fit into built-up areas and can easily be installed underground, and their automated control systems mean they can be remotely monitored and left to run themselves. ABB’s power equipment ensures the safe, efficient and reliable distribution of electricity throughout cities and large buildings.