Stakeholder voices

Sheri Straw (photo)

Sheri Straw
Duke Energy

“The simplification of ABB’s 2020 targets is refreshing. The new targets are concise, comprehensive and push the company forward.”

Gianluigi Ravenna (photo)

Gianluigi Ravenna

“The new 2020 targets are interesting. Extending the impact of these targets to ABB’s value chain and assessing progress on greenhouse gas emissions, water or ethical conduct of suppliers and customers is encouraged.”

Eva Axelsson (photo)

Eva Axelsson
Swedbank Robur

“ABB’s support of the Paris agreement and the reflection of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in ABB’s sustainability report are much appreciated.”

Jermyn Brooks (photo)

Jermyn Brooks
Transparency International

“ABB’s sustainability report provides an engaging read and the focus on the SDGs was overdue. The foreseen revision of ABB’s materiality issues will be an opportunity to get input for the 2030 targets and should ensure a link to the SDGs. There needs to be reconciliation between materiality and the SDGs as materiality assessments provide an inside-out perspective and the SDGs an outside-in perspective. ABB is well placed to contribute to this discussion.”

Volker Hoffmann (photo)

Volker Hoffmann
ETH Zurich

“The case studies in ABB’s Sustainability Report provide a hands-on overview of the company’s sustainability activities. For example, the project of Instituto ABB in Brazil is interesting due to its promise to combine social and economic benefits and its potential for scale-up across other sites or countries.”

Shankar Venkateswaran (photo)

Shankar Venkateswaran

“While ABB continues to develop and fine-tune its methodology to assess sustainability impacts of its eco-efficiency portfolio, it could consider disclosing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of its products to its customers through labelling and other means.”