Employee engagement score Engaging with our employees

Target: Achieve and maintain a top-tier employee engagement score in our industry

Our ambition is to rank consistently among the top quartile of companies in the Glint Global Benchmark.

In our 2021 employee Engagement Survey, ABB received a total employee engagement score of 74 out of 100, compared with scores of 75 in 2020 and 71 in 2019. We scored above the benchmark for six questions, at the benchmark for one question, and below the benchmark for 29 questions. Overall, we have made steady progress since the survey’s launch in 2019, when many of our scores were significantly below the benchmark. We remain slightly under the external benchmark but our strong scores on the topics of role clarity and accountability are encouraging, as these two areas are among the cornerstones of our ABB Way operating model. Our efforts over the past two years to simplify our organizational structure and create clear roles and responsibilities for our people are reflected in these results.

More than 81,200 ABB employees took part in our 2021 Engagement Survey - a response rate of 78 percent. That compares favorably to the 73 percent response rate in 2020 and 65 percent in 2019, when the survey was launched.

Employee engagement survey highlights
Employee engagement survey highlights
Employee engagement survey highlights (graphic)

In addition, we received 147,803 comments, demonstrating a high level of engagement and a willingness among employees to embrace our “speak-up culture” and participate in a Group-wide dialogue. While the number of comments decreased from 279,170 in 2020 – mainly due to the elimination of some open-ended questions – the robust response is still indicative of strong commitment to ABB. The comments have provided valuable insights into what is working well and what we can still do to make ABB an even better place to work.