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In 2021, ABB reviewed the various ratings and acknowledgements it received in the course of the year to determine which of them were most relevant to ABB’s key stakeholders. The recognition we received affirmed the validity of our Group’s approach to sustainability while encouraging us to strive for even more rapid progress.

The below awards and achievements for 2021 are based on our 2020 performance and do not fully take into consideration the new ambitions and targets of our 2030 sustainability strategy.

Awards and achievements
2021 awards and achievements (graphic)

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2021 awards and achievements

2021 awards and achievements

CSA by S&P Global (DJSI)

  • Overall score 68/100
  • Sustainability Yearbook Member 2022
    (within the top 15 percent of industry)


Gold medal (overall score 72/100)


Prime status B-



  • Risk rating 17.8 (low risk)
  • Management of material ESG issues is strong

Vigeo Eiris

Rating 58/100 (in top 5 in industry)

CDP Climate Change & Water

  • Climate Change: B
  • Water: B-