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Energy Management

  1. Total Energy Consumed (Gigajoules)
  2. Percentage Grid Electricity (%)
  3. Percentage Renewable (%)
  1. 5,591,776 GJ (1,553,271 MWh) Summary of GRI indicators – 302-1
  2. 62% Summary of GRI indicators – 302-1
  3. 32% Summary of GRI indicators – 302-1

Hazardous Waste Management

  1. Amount of hazardous waste generated, percentage recycled (Metric tons, %)
  2. Number and aggregate quantity of reportable spills, quantity recovered (Number, Kilograms)
  1. 11 kilotons, 36% – Summary of GRI indicators – 306-4
  2. 8 quantified spills reported in 2021. Total release of 438 kg of substance, mostly oil and diesel fuel. Summary of GRI indicators – 306-3

Product Safety

  1. Number of recalls issued, total units recalled (Number)
  2. Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with product safety
  1. As of 2021, this number is not yet available for all Divisions but will be communicated in the 2022 Sustainability Report
  2. Not applicable. Due to NDA agreements with third parties we are unable to disclose monetary values resulting from legal proceedings with these third parties.

Product Lifecycle Management

  1. Percentage of products by revenue that contain IEC 62474 declarable substances (% by revenue)
  2. Percentage of eligible products by revenue, that meet Energy Star® Criteria (% by revenue)
  3. Revenue from renewable energy-related and energy-efficiency-related products (Reporting currency)
  1. Unable to respond to this question at the time of reporting. Pro-cesses are being put in place to collect this data. Earliest reporting possible in 2023.
  2. Only applicable to North America products. All ABB products are included in point c.
  3. Using the EU taxonomy as reference: 36% eligible – see EU taxonomy and details

In the EU taxonomy standards and complementary references, ABB will report on product lifetime management.

Material sourcing

  1. Description of the management risks associated with the use of critical materials (Discussion & Analysis)
  1. Responsible sourcing
  2. Right materials

Business ethics

Description of policies and practices for prevention of:

  1. corruption and bribery and anti-competitive behaviour (Discussion & Analysis)
  2. Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with bribery or corruption (Reporting currency)
  3. Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with anti-competitive behaviour regulations (Reporting currency)
  1. Integrity
  2. and c. Please refer to the company’s financial disclosures available at Q4&FY 2021: Financial information (

Activity Metrics

  1. Number of units produced (Production should be disclosed as number of units produced by product category, where relevant product categories include energy generation, energy delivery, and lighting and indoor climate control electronics.)
  2. Number of Employees
  1. Please refer to the ABB Group Annual Report 2021 – English (Page 138)
  2. 105,000