Employee engagement score

Target 2030: Achieve a top-tier employee engagement score in our industry

As an organization, ABB is deeply interested in knowing what its people’s on-the-job experiences are like. Our annual Engagement Survey helps us understand how our people feel and lets them voice their opinions on a broad set of topics. The survey helps us see what is going well in the organization, so we can build on our strengths. It also serves as a formal mechanism through which our people can provide us with transparent feedback on areas where we can improve, along with their concrete suggestions.

We partner with the Glint platform from LinkedIn to benchmark ourselves against our peers.

In our 2022 employee Engagement Survey, ABB received a total employee engagement score of 76 out of 100, compared with scores of 74 in 2021, 75 in 2020 and 71 in 2019. We scored above the benchmark for eight questions, at the benchmark for nine questions, and below the benchmark for 18 questions.

Overall, we have made steady progress since the survey’s launch in 2019, when many of our scores were significantly below the benchmark. This year, we came in slightly above the external benchmark, boosted by our strong scores on the topics of safety climate (87), integrity (83) and role clarity (81). We are gratified that these results reflect our company’s sharp focus on safety and integrity and that we have successfully created clear roles and responsibilities for our people. Based on the Glint external benchmark, the survey results suggest that we are a leading company in terms of safety, communication flow between managers and teams, and accountability.

For each of the individual survey questions, the feedback we received was broadly positive. Of the 35 items that could be compared with last year’s survey, we saw an improvement in 29, while six items stayed at the same level. It was particularly rewarding to see the improved scores for work-life balance and barriers to execution, as teams in the businesses and functions have been working to address these areas, in line with past recommendations.

Participation in the 2022 Engagement Survey reached a record high level of 82 percent, with more than 85,000 ABB employees taking part, thanks largely to a rise in the number of production employees who completed the survey. This result compares favorably to the 78 percent response in 2021, 73 percent in 2020 and 65 percent in 2019, when the survey was first launched.

In addition, we received 113,266 comments. This decrease from the 147,803 comments received in 2021 was expected, since the survey featured only one open-ended question in 2022, vs. two in the previous year. Additionally, thanks to technological improvements in Glint’s platform, comment boxes that employees may have clicked on but not filled in are no longer tallied as comments. This past year, we received more than 25,500 actionable suggestions for improvement; these targeted suggestions are particularly valuable because teams can immediately use them to kickstart action planning processes. As always, we are grateful for the critical insights our people have provided, and we will use them to make ABB an even better place to work.

Employee engagement survey highlights (graphic)