We promote social progress

Pillar overview We promote social progress

Social progress – strategy pillar key visual (photo)

At ABB, we take care of our employees and promote social progress around the world.

We create safe, fair and inclusive working environments where our colleagues can succeed and develop. By continuing to invest in reducing workplace injuries, improving well-being, increasing diversity and inclusion and targeting a top-tier employee engagement score, we are making ABB a place where people want to work and build their careers.

Our support for social progress is underpinned by our respect for people and human rights. As an organization, we embed human rights considerations into our decision-making processes – both by prioritizing them in the risk analyses we perform for our value chain, and by building awareness, knowledge and understanding of them throughout our businesses.

In the communities where our employees and customers live and work, we engage with and support local organizations and people who are making a meaningful social difference. In ABB’s supply chain, our Sustainable Supply Base Management (SSBM) program enables us to ensure that our suppliers meet our high expectations for environmental, social and governance performance.

We have established four sustainability targets to reflect how we are working to promote social progress. The first target is to achieve a yearly reduction in lost-time incidents. The second is to double the proportion of women in senior management roles to 25 percent by 2030 from a 2019 baseline. The third is to achieve and maintain a top-tier employee engagement score in our industry. And the fourth is to provide impactful support for a range of community-building initiatives.

Since introducing our 2030 sustainability targets to promote social progress, we have made continuous progress:

Targets 2030

2019 baseline1

2022 status

Zero harm is caused to our people and contractors – we aim for a yearly reduction in lost time from incidents (LTIFR value = 0)



Increase proportion of women in senior management roles to 25%



Achieve a top-tier employee engagement score (out of 100)



Expand programs for community engagement


Guidance for emergency and disaster relief aligned with the new operating model


Where a baseline applies.

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